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Wedding Date: _________________________


Bride: ____________________Groom ________________

Address: _______________________________________

Phone Number: ______________________________________

E-mail Address: ______________________________________

Additional Contact numbers: _________________________

Addresses: ______________________________________ 

RESERVATIONS: use of grounds and/or chapel ­­­­________

Rehearse ____  Wedding____

B&B Inn: _bride & attendants to dress yes_______________no________________


Welcome Center: _groom & attendants to dress yes___________no____________


Chairs:  yes________  how many_____       no______


Tables: yes_______  how many  ___ __       no________


Minster: (use of our Wedding Minister:



Wedding Arch:    yes________   no ______  

Over night Honeymoon, B&B Inn ___


Food (reception: _________________    

Decorating park date and time: ___________________


Flowers: __________________                Ferns (use of our ferns)  yes__________no___________


Tent : _____________              Outdoor Wedding;___________



Wedding Director: _____________        

LLHA Marriage Certificate  yes__________no______


Photography  ____________________    other amenities: yes_____________no_________  (list on attachment)


Number of guests expected: _________  

Deposit _______ Amount_______ Date ___


Total amount quoted for cost of wedding using amenities checked above: ____________

Mail your application to


Attn. LouiseLenz

1491 LaGrange College Road, Leighton, Alabama 35646

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