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LaGrange Living Historical Association is proudly presenting two very different programs for this year's Recall.

Friday May 2. at 7.30 a Candlelight  Drama will be performed. Highlighted in the Drama are events before and during the Civil War connected to Alabama and the 35th Alabama Infantry Regiment. Some of the Scenes feature

  1. Captain Picket and his wife discuss secession and events leading to the formation of the 35th Alabama Infantry Regiment in early spring 1862.
  2. In April 1862 civilians are drilled in the basics by a cadet from the Military Academy (LaGrange College).
  3. In summer, 1863 soldiers are in encampment in Jackson Mississippi.
  4. In March 1864 encampment at Newburg in North Alabama where the troops discuss the capture of the White Horse Cavalry and the raiding by Union forces in the Valley.
  5. In 1864, camp in Tuscumbia and preparations made for the Nashville campaign.
  6. Late 1864 North Alabama encampment,, where soldiers discuss the battle and retreat from Nashville.


Saturday May 3. 10 am - 4 pm features

27th Alabama Infantry Regiment::

Civil War Daily Life Encampment, Firearms Demonstration, Recruiting and mustering civilians for the 35th Alabama Infantry Regiment, Bugle Call demonstration


Providence Living History ReEnactors :

Civil War Civilians demonstrating daily life tasks


David Gregg: "Hood's Army in the Shoals

Myron Mooney: "Two Great Confederates"

Tim Kent: "35th Alabama Infantry Regiment"

Lee Freeman: "Wright & Rice Foundry"


Hay Rides to the Old Cemetery, Concessions, Book Sales, Time Period Music, Civil War Church Service, Petting Zoo, Cemetery 1st Impression Drama


Free Admission, but Donations are greatly appreciated to defray the cost of presenting this event..



Photo courtesy Chris Rohling
Photo courtesy Mary Carton

Providence Living History reenactors

Photo courtesy Mary Carton
Reenactors from 27th Alabama

Photo courtesy Mary Carton


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